Mama Bruja Apothecary
Mama Bruja Apothecary
Mama Bruja

Mama Bruja Apothecary

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Spoil and care for your loved ones at home, with this herbal apothecary. All made with natural ingredients and lots of love!

Choose any four of the following aromatic balms or botanical creams (and leave your choice in the comments section while making the purchase):

Cloud Nine Dream Cream

Lay back and relax with the aroma of lavender, cedarwood and bergamot. Simply massage this sleep balm into your temples, neck and feet for sweet dreams and a peaceful sleep!

Fresh Air Chest Rub

With the winter months upon us, enjoy an aromatic chest, massage! An ideal natural alternative to commercial chest rubs with petroleum jelly.

Hairy Situation Beard Butter 

Grow your beard with pride! This super soft beard butter is like a beard balm and oil combined. It conditions and hydrates the beard, leaving your beard soft and healthy-looking. It also allows your to shape and style your beard without unwanted oiliness. Cedarwood and bergamot scented.

Headspace Calm Balm 

Clear your mind and distance yourself from the day’s stress! Simply massage this balm into your temples, neck, shoulders (and if you have a peaceful moment, the soles of your feet) when needed. With lavender, bergamot, peppermint and rosemary. 

Little Miracles Skin Balm

With calendula and chamomile extracts, this magical little balm moisturises and soothes dry skin.

Over The Moon Menstrual Balm

Treat yourself every month with this calming balm and enjoy your natural cycle in peace. Simply massage it into your belly and temples during your moontime. With the delicious aroma of fennel, rose geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot, lavender y cedarwood.

Underarm Wonder Balm  – Natural deodorant 

Stay fresh as a daisy with this botanical deodorant! It contains shea butter and virgin organic coconut oil to moisturise and hydrate the skin and bicarb soda and essential oils to prevent odor-causing bacteria!

Warm and Fuzzies Muscle and Joint Balm

Enjoy the sensation of warming cayenne pepper and refreshing eucalyptus. To apply, massage into your sore and achey body.

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