Support saying goobye


If you are in the traumatic situation of having to say goodbye to a baby, at whatever age or gestation, I would be honoured to hold space for you.

Whether you are saying goodbye due to miscarriage, abortion, termination for medical reasons, still birth or neonatal death, I can accompany on your journey. 

Having experienced secondary infertility, a miscarriage, a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, an induced labour termination due to fatal anomaly, and two live births, I know what all your babies mean to you. 

And I know how important it is for you to love, honour and remember them, to create memories and rituals, and make space for yourself to grieve your baby and your interrupted experience of motherhood.

Just as a doula helps a woman through pregnancy and birth, I can help you through your miscarriage, termination or stillbirth.

All my packages are tailored to suit your unique situation but some ways you may like me to support you are:

  • Holding space for you when things don't go according to plan in person or through skype
  • Accompanying you to difficult appointments
  • Helping you research options and advocating for you
  • Consulting with loved ones about how to best support you
  • Helping you find tiny clothes, blankets, special boxes etc
  • Accompanying you during your birth, miscarriage or termination
  • Welcoming, celebrating and making memories with your baby
  • Helping you to find options for your babies remains
  • Putting you into contact with organisations and resources to help you on your grieving journey
  • Holding space for you to talk about and remember your baby
  • Supporting you through pregnancy after loss
  • Herbal and aromatherapy care packages

Contact me for a chat to see if I'm a good fit for what you need.

Want to get to know me first?

I am a writer and the co-founder of Mama Bruja, an Argentinian natural skincare and wellness brand, recently launched in my home country Australia.

I am also  the mother of five beings, two on earth and three in the stars.

You can read about my personal experience bringing forward the birth of my son Dune, after he was diagnosed with a fatal anomaly.