Why Waterless Skincare?

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Waterless skincare is a trend on the rise, with savvy ecological brands worldwide launching waterless lines in response to global water scarcity.

Originating in South Korea, waterless beauty products gained popularity as more concentrated products than their water-based counterparts. After all, what's not to like about a 100% active botanical product?
But today waterless skincare is also equated with a more sustainable lifestyle, not only as a way to reduce our water footprint but also as a way to avoid unnecessary packaging and the toxic ingredients necessary to manufacture and preserve water-based products.
Why we chose waterless at Mama Bruja
Since launching Mama Bruja in 2015, we made the conscious decision to avoid water in our lines of aromatic balms, botanical face creams, facial oils and lip balms.

Our reasons were multiple:
To create more concentrated products
Unlike most brands who fill their products with 80% water (which evaporates off the skin) , we chose to create concentrated products with 100% active ingredients, such as oils, butter and botanicals that are beneficial for your skin .

Zero waste

There is more to "zero waste" than simply avoiding plastic packaging, and we believe waterless products avoid waste right down the supply chain.

Since waterless products are more concentrated, a little bit goes a long way. Products last longer, meaning less waste across manufacturing, packaging, transport and distribution.

For example, some of our balms last from one to two years, while a 60 ml can of our face cream can last up to six months or more.

Toxin free
Another important reason for going waterless is to avoid toxic emulsifiers and preservatives.

Without water, our balms, creams and oils do not provide the conditions under which most bacteria and fungi grow, so we don't need to add preservatives to our products. And as we are not mixing oil and water, there is no need to add emulsifiers either.

This means we can keep our products natural and free from toxic ingredients. Another win for both our bodies and the environment.
Soap and shampoo bars
While soaps and shampoos do contain some water, they contain much less than liquid shampoos, handwash or shower gels (which are basically soaps or detergents diluted with water).
For example, for our family of four one of our bars lasts an average of 4 weeks in the shower (and more in the skin), replacing countless bottles of handwash, shampoo and shower gel. And it's biodegradable, so there are no toxic detergents or preservatives that end up in our waterways.
Waterless skincare products have so many benefits for your skin, your wallet and the planet. Check out our product line here.

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